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Still unsure about which mortgage company to work with? Don't worrry, I've got you! 

Working with Josh is pressure free and steps are taken to ensure you have the freedom to work with another lender at nearly any point along the process. I don't want to hold you hostgage, instead I'm focused on giving you the best rates,  costs, and service.  As a result, you'll have confidence about the great deal and amazing service you recieved. 


Step one - Apply now 

(there's no cost to you or comittment at this point and I don't pull your credit without your permission.) 

Step two - 828.238.2682 Let's have a phone call to discuss your application - 828.238.2682 

(Stilll no cost or committment - you can text to set up a time for the call as well)

Step three - Credit <-- Click here to buy and get your own FULL credit report 

(Credit reports cost money and I allow you to choose whether you pay for the credit report now,

or later. If I pay for the credit report now, there's two down sides. 

#1 - I can't give you a copy, not my rule and  #2 - it is a soft credit pull meaning

I can only run a portion of the Automatic Underwriting Systems to get you pre-qualified.

When you buy the report, you own it and get it from

me via email and you can use it as you please. Owning your credit report,

prevents you from getting your score dinged by multiple credit pulls.) 

Step four - I shop your file to find the best rate and terms, then I send you SAMPLE loan estimates for you to compare a few choices.  Once you choose the best mortgage, we'll get your rate locked and get you an official disclosure.  You'll sign that you've seen the disclosures but you still aren't committed to any costs except the credit report that you've already paid for. 

Step five - Once under contract we order your appraisal. WARNING don't order an appraisal as it won't be used and you'll pay for something that is useless to you. Rather, wait until I send you a link to pay for an appraisal. At this point, you'll be spending $600 - $700 on an appraisal. Some lenders don't ask you to pay for the appraisal upfront, but they do charge you for the appraisal. I have you pay upfront for the appraisal becuase I never hold you hostage.  Your appraisal belongs to you and you can do with it whatever you want.  Even if that means using it to get a loan from someone other than me. I'm confident enough in my service and costs to be certain that you'll be glad you are working with me. Here's a link to nine pages of appraisal rules - but the key is - I order the appraisal through a third party that ensures all the appraisal rules are followed. 

Step six - I'll submit your loan along with all the documents I know are needed to the Underwriter. 

Step seven - The Underwriter will come back to me asking for a few more documents to verify the information we've given. 

Step eight - We'll go to closing and you'll own your new home!


So why work with Josh? 



Easy process

Comittment to Excellent Service

No Pressure

I shop the rates for you

Support - I answer my cell phone

I respond to texts

Josh is your direct partner, with you all along the process





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