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I'm hiring and teaching people to be RELO Brokers!  

What's a RELO Broker?  A Real Estate agent and a Loan Originator in one professional.

Serving customers as their Real Estate Agent and their Loan Originator will help your clients have a better all around experience.


Streamlined Communication: can potentially lead to a smoother process, as there's no need to coordinate between separate professionals.

Holistic Understanding: A combined real estate agent and loan originator may have a more holistic understanding of your financial situation and real estate goals. This can lead to better-informed decisions that align with both your housing needs and financial capabilities.

Efficiency: Working with a single person can reduce potential delays caused by miscommunication between two separate professionals. Decisions can be made more efficiently when both aspects of the transaction are handled by one individual.

Less Conflict of Interest: Real Estate Agents and Loan Originators are both in their business to make a living. Paying one professional to serve you in two ways instead of two professionals is sorta like bundling. We all know Flo and how bundling saves money. 

Expertise: Both real estate and mortgage lending are complex fields that require specialized knowledge. While it may seem unlikely that one person can be an expert in both areas, in reality every loan originator should be an expert in Real Estate and every Real Estate Agent better understand the mortgage industry. More deals fall apart and money is lose due to a Real Estate Agent not understanding lending or a Loan Originator not understanding the Real Estate side. Customers and clients are best served by professionals who understand the entire scope of the complete Real Estate transaction. 

Transparency: As a loan officer I've worked with borrowers from time to time who didn't want to be totally transparent with the Real Estate agent that referred that borrower to me. I've explained the borrower that their Real Estate Professional has to know things like price range, the need for seller concessions, and what loan programs the buyer qualifies for. Serving the client as both RE and LO makes each transaction more transparent than most other deals. 

FEWER CLIENTS = MORE ATTENTION: As a loan originator who also helps buyers and sellers with their Real Estate transactions I can be more careful about how many customers I serve. When my client count is within reason I can be a great attention giving servant to my clients. You can too.  

Residual Freedom: By becoming a NEXA Mortgage Licensed Loan Originator you can take your Real Estate career to the next level. Imagine getting paid not only on your closings but on every closing of other Realtors that you introduce to NEXA Mortgage and myself. Call me today to learn more and to join the RELO Mastermind Group! 

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