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Financial Coaching - discontinued

I'm no longer taking financial coaching clients.  

Discovery Call                                                                10 minutes call - Free

Credit Review Call or Video                                          7-15 minutes call, meeting, or video call - Free

Homeowner's Planning & Strategy Call                      25 - 40 minutes call, meeting, or video chat - Free

Monthy Budget Planning and Budget Meetings        30 minute monthly call, weekly check-up texts,                                                                                                        Budget Spreadsheet updates and monthly                                                                                                         review $30/month*


*Full disclosure - I'm not in the Financial Coaching business to make a living but rather to serve people who desire to someday become finanically competent homeowners who also desire to grow toward financial stability. I'm in the mortgage business because I believe that there's no better tool to build weath and financial independance in America today than primary / principal residence real estate. So, as a financial coach working toward becoming a homeowner will be our first goal. If you are already a homeowner, we may still work well together but let's figure out in our discovery call if we have a great path forward or if it would be better for both of us to refer you to another local financial coach. 


Here are a few simple tips: 
  • Credit Cards are a wonderful tool. 
  • Credit Cards need to be paid in full every month or cut up.  
  • Debit cards are more dangerous than credit cards - trust me. 
  • Convenience is expensive - Stop paying a premium for convenience - convenience stores, expensive coffee, delivery, etc. 
  • $2000 in the bank - You can buy with ZERO down, but I need you to have enough in the bank to cover the appraisal, due diligence and earnest money up front. 
  • Spend less than you make. 
  • Stop renting Real Estate - an argument can be made for renting textbooks, cars, boats, planes, and other items that depreciate but Real Estate often appreciates.  Buy assets, rent liabilities. 
  • You already know - Take some time and look over your finances and pretend you are someone else hired to help you manage your money.  The advice you would give yourself is probably right - the discipline to do it is the challenge. 



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